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Care Management Clinical Team

As your Care Management Team, we are here to work with you to keep your patients and their families healthy.

Sarah Henning

  Sarah Henning, MHSA, BSN,

   Population Health Services
   Senior Director

Dannine Austin

  Dannine Austin, RN, CCM

   Care Transition Care Manager

Arlene Waddell

  Arlene Waddell, RN, CCM

   Care Transition Care Manager     Arlene.Waddell@myhealthchoice.com

Rhonda Ellsworth

  Rhonda Ellsworth, MHA, BSN,

   Chronic Condition Care Manager

Cindy Lusk

  Cindy Lusk, RN

   Chronic Condition Care Manager 

Sara White

  Sara White, NCMA

   Medical Assistant II