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Complex Care Management FAQs

Q: Why should I participate in Complex Care Management?

A: There are many benefits to participating in care management. Examples include:

  • improved sense of well-being and dignity
  • enhanced quality of life
  • improved health and function along with reduced disability
  • reduced effects of serious, chronic, or terminal illness
  • empowerment of you and your family to impact your health and quality of life

Q:  Who would benefit from this service?

A: Adults 18 years and older who have complex medical conditions.

Q:  What do these services cost?

A:  These services are free.

Q:  What can a Care Manager do for me?

A:  The HealthChoice Care Manager will meet with you and your family to help identify areas of need, develop an individualized plan, and link you to community resources and programs to improve your quality of life. We will also help you complete any necessary applications or referrals for these resources. 

Q:  How will the Care Manager help me manage my condition?

A:  You will receive health care information and self-care tips related to your condition. Your Care manager will also discuss any community resources and support groups available to you.

Q:  Why do you call my doctor?

A:  We can help facilitate getting your questions and/or requests resolved.  Additionally, HealthChoice may have observations to share with your doctor such as duplicate or conflicting medications.

Q:  Will you process or be involved in paying my insurance claims?

A:  Our Care manager is independent of your insurance company and employer, and therefore does not directly impact the claims process.

Q:  What is HealthChoice?

A: HealthChoice is officially known as a PHO (Physician Hospital Organization) that provides services to patients to help them better manage their health, contracting services to help doctors manage their relationships with insurance companies and other stakeholders.

Q:  How will my health information be protected?

A: HealthChoice is an independent organization committed to maintain the privacy of your health information.  We are committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of any patient and/or Associate health information and will take correct steps to properly identify appropriate use, disclosure or request of information as required by the HIPAA Privacy Regulations, and other applicable federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations.

Q:  Who do I contact at when I have questions?

A: Once enrolled, a HealthChoice Care Manager will provide you with contact information so you can reach out to him/her with questions or concerns. The general information number for Health Choice Care Management is 901-821-6700, option 1.