Frequently Asked Questions - Facilities & Ancillary Providers

Q: What are the advantages to network membership for facilities and ancillary providers?
A: The greatest advantage to network membership is access to numerous contracts. Other advantages include having HealthChoice serve as your advocate regarding claims and contracting issues with payers.

Q: Is there an access fee for facilities and ancillary providers?
A: Access fees are predetermined and vary by service type. Once the application is complete, you will be notified of the access fee prior to the review and credentialing process.

Q: How do I become a participating provider/facility?
A: The first step is to submit a written request application for participation to Rhonda McDonald. Click here to contact Rhonda.

Q: What documents are required for consideration to the network?
A: The required documents are included but not limited to the following: Corporate affiliated entities, license(s), certification(s), accreditation(s), insurance claims history, certificates of professional and general liability, network information, physician roster, credentialing criteria, and a copy of your W-9.

Q: How soon can I become a participating facility or ancillary provider?
A: Once all appropriate documents have been received, the credentialing and review process takes up to 90 days. We have an extensive review process to ensure an appropriate and adequate network. You will be notified by letter of the committee’s decision. Upon acceptance to the network, the contracting process will begin.