Network Credentialing

We want to make joining our network as easy as possible! To start the Network Credentialing Process for facilities and ancillary providers, a representative from the interested facility will need to initiate the inquiry by completing a Network Interest Form. This form introduces HealthChoice to the facility / ancillary provider.

If the Network Interest Form is approved, the Network Credentialing Application is then forwarded to the facility for completion. The completed application and the stated required documents must be returned to HealthChoice in order to fulfill the requirements of the acceptance and credentialing process.  The information should be returned to:

HealthChoice, LLC
1661 International Place, Suite 150
Memphis, TN 38120
Att: Rhonda McDonald

Approved applications form the basis of a Network Participation Agreement, which will be returned to the facility for signature. This signals acceptance into the HealthChoice network.

For support and additional information, please contact:

Rhonda McDonald
Office: 901-821-6787
Email Rhonda

Network Credentialing Forms: