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About Our Care Management Programs

Health Choice is currently offering three Care Management programs for MLH Associates and their families to help them understand and manage their medical conditions, follow prescribed treatment, and lead healthy lifestyles.

Diabetes Management

If your patient has diabetes, they may need to learn hot to better manage it. We will provide resources, tools, and support to help MLH Associates manage their condition on a daily basis, avoid complications, and adjust to the impact diabetes has on their life and emotions. This program is flexible and will be customized to their specific needs.

Diabetes Prevention

This program helps those who have pre-diabetes (blood sugars higher than normal) learn about and adopt the healthy eating and physical activity habits that have been proven to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Complex Care Management

This program is an intensive, customized and personal intervention for patients with complex care needs, often with multiple comorbidities and psychosocial barriers to care and health.

Care Transition

The Care Transition program is designed for those with frequent inpatient stays and visits to the Emergency Department. It is a short-term program to assist in the move from one care setting to another to ensure care continuity.

Care Management Clinical Team

As your Care Management Team, we are here to work with you to keep your patients and their families healthy.

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